lovebirds-web6They look a little sad and distant don’t they? I started out with just the single bird then decided to add another as the idea began to evolve. These “lovebirds” are like so many couples who grow apart over the years. They’ve lost interest in each other. The love, trust and unspoiled innocence are gradually replaced with mental images built-up over the years. I painted the musty yellow, cloudy sky because it kind of adds to the forlorn feeling of the painting. I added the Chinese character for love as a reminder of what has been lost and long forgotten in the relationship between this couple.

Most of us bring a load of expectations along with us when we enter a relationship. We want our partners to protect us from loneliness and meet our many perceived needs. We become dependent and controlling.  We forget that our self-centered concerns might at times be contrary to the wants and desires of the person we claim to love. Our “love” becomes conditional. The Buddhists call this “businessman’s love”.